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Lalasis 64 colors moisture lipgloss nude vegan glossy clear liquid lipstick lip gloss

Lalasis 64 colors moisture lipgloss nude vegan glossy clear liquid lipstick lip gloss

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the ultimate lip companion for a natural and glamorous look. Our Vegan Glossy Clear Liquid Lip Gloss delivers a luscious shine and hydrating formula that will keep your lips feeling moisturized and looking fabulous.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Logo Design: Make a statement with your own logo or brand name elegantly printed on the lip gloss tube. Perfect for personal or business use, it adds a touch of sophistication and exclusivity.

  2. Moisturizing Formula: Our lip gloss is enriched with nourishing ingredients that provide long-lasting hydration, leaving your lips soft and supple throughout the day.

  3. Nude, Yet Glamorous: Achieve the perfect balance between a natural and glamorous look with our Nude Vegan Glossy Clear Liquid Lip Gloss. It enhances your natural lip color, giving you a polished and effortless finish.

  4. High-Shine Effect: Get ready to turn heads with the glossy shine our lip gloss imparts. Whether you're attending a special occasion or going for a casual outing, this lip gloss adds a captivating allure to your overall look.

  5. Vegan and Cruelty-Free: We believe in creating beauty products that are kind to animals and the environment. Our lip gloss is proudly vegan and cruelty-free, allowing you to embrace your love for makeup with a clear conscience.


  • Lip Gloss Type: Liquid
  • Color: Nude
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Capacity: 7ml/pcs
  • Weight: 0.032kg

Directions for Use: Apply a thin, even layer of lip gloss onto your lips, starting from the center and working your way outwards. Reapply as desired for an intensified shine.

Upgrade your lip game with our Custom Logo Moisture Lipgloss. Experience the perfect combination of style, hydration, and undeniable allure. Order now and discover your signature look!

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