Makeup tools-Canton Fair-CIBE(2023.9.4-9.6 )

Makeup tools-Canton Fair-CIBE(2023.9.4-9.6 )

What's new makeup products at Canton Fair-CIBE(2023.9.4-9.6)?
China International Beauty Expo (guangzhou) Autumn 2023

canton fair

Start from early morning at September,4th,2023. the entrance of Canton Fair is crowded by visitors and exhibitors.

For 2023 Autumn, the CIBE divided with two area, area A and area B.

I would like to share area B, makeup tools with you.

1.Nail tools

Nail enhancement tablets

nail tools

Nail oil glue

nail tools

Nail file and etc.

2. Bath tools

Bath sponge

bath sponge

3.Makeup tools

Makeup remover pad

bath pad

Makeup sponges

makeup sponges

Makeup sponge set, big,regular size, latex free,soft

cosmetic puff

Cosmetic puff with Christmas design

powder pad

Makeup brushes, animal hair, human-made hair, single brush, brush sets

brush setmakeup brush

Industrial forum

canton fair

Compare to the Spring Beauty Expo on 2023.March(the first time reopen after the COVID-19), visitors is not a big quantity, but we still noticed many new items here, the market is thriving,very glad we attended here.


SSee you next time!


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